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       CHEMISKY CO. LTD., specializing in agricultural products such as tea seed meal, tea seed powder, tea meal granules and tea saponin and chemical products such as NaCHO3,
Na2S2O5,NH4SO4,ZnSO4,MnSO4,FeSO4, thiourea and so on. In 2013, our company invested theComprehensive Utilization and Recycling production of Tea Seed Cake. The project is the first export-oriented and deep-processing project for agricultural and sideline products introduced by the Yunxi district government. AGRISKY CO., LTD., in Yunxi District was registered and combined with Chemisky Co. Ltd. to form Manufacturing and trading and complementary enterprise group.




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      电话(Tel. No.): 0086  731-84685029
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          Office Add.:  RM.1203,No.1 Building,Centre of City,No.235,WuYi Road, Changsha,Hunan,China.
          Factory Add.:      DaoRenJi District,Green Chemical Industrial Zone, YueYang City,Hunan,China.