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Published:2018-02-02 16:39:55

          CHEMISKY CO. LTD., its general manager, Mr. Clive Yu, born in January 1978, a Communist Party member, graduated from Hunan Foreign Trade Institute in 1998 and after then was distributed to the International Trade Exhibition Company (Regiment level, and state-run unit ) attached to Foreign Economic and Trade Commission (now the Provincial Department of Commerce) , engaging in international trade business. In 2006, Mr. Clive Yu integrated all aspects of advantage resources and then went into business, investing Chemisky Co. Ltd. as a general manager. Mr. Clive Yu has been specializing in agricultural and sideline products such as tea seed meal, tea seed powder, tea meal granules and tea saponin and so on and chemical products export-oriented such as sodium bicarbonate, sodium metabisulphite, ammonium sulphate, zinc sulphate, manganese sulphate, ferrous sulphate, thiourea and so on. In 2013, our company team responded actively to the appeal “public entrepreneurship, innovation”. After having full negotiation and communication with government of Yunxi District of Yueyang city in Hunan Province, our company invested in the factory of “Comprehensive Utilization and Recycling production of Tea Seed Cake”  by combining with a number of industry experts. The project is the first export-oriented and deep-processing project for agricultural and sideline products introduced by the Yunxi district government. The project covers an area of 30 acres with a total investment of 61 million yuan. In 2013, AGRISKY CO., LTD., in Yunxi District was registered and combined with Chemisky Co. Ltd. to form manufacturing and trading and complementary enterprise group.
         The mode and idea of our company’s entrepreneurial development is as follows:
AA、Innovation oriented. In 2016, our company obtained two invention patents and three utility model patents, and now is declaring four new invention patents and five new utility model patents, and the State Intellectual Property Office has accepted them. Besides,our company team was awarded “Hunan high-tech enterprises”, “Agricultural Industrialization Leading Enterprise”, “Innovation and Entrepreneurship Talents Team of Yueyang City and Technology Research Center of Yueyang for Comprehensive Utilization Engineering of ‘Tea Seed Meal’”. Now we are trying to sign a research cooperation agreement with Central South University of Forestry and Technology, and are applying for four new invention patents and five patents of new utility model. We have one patent which is a special technology for producing powdered tea meal used for ecological culturing crayfish. The name of the patent is a kind of recycle comprehensive utilization system of producing a variety of tea meal products with grass tea meal as raw material.(Patent No.: ZL 2017 2 017 5393.9). The patent accurately makes contribution to ecological culturing crayfish for tens of thousands of small crayfish farmers in Yueyang with tea seed meal.
BB、Foreign trade exports.  Our factory is about 12 kilometers away from Cheng Lingji international wharf of Yueyang with obvious advantages of marine exports. Finished products of Camellia meal are exported to Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan, Australia, Spain,Taiwan and other countries and regions, making great contribution to the import and export business of ChengLingji International Wharf, Yueyang.
CC、Entrepreneurial driven. Our company takes the "company + base+ cooperatives+ farmers+ intensive production" mode of operation and accurately drives more than 8000 farmers of Camellia oleifera’ plantation in the peripheral poverty mountain areas to increase employment and increase income.
DD、The recycling of resources. China is a country with large quantity of Camellia oleifera production, producing 95 percent of the world's oil of Camellia oleifera, and Hunan accounts for 45 percent of China's oil tea. Residue left from extracting Camellia seed, commonly known as camellia cake, contains a highly effective natural insecticide----tea saponin, which can be targeted to kill wild fish, field snail, loach, finless eel, snail, desmodium and other pests. After killing insects, the soil has no heavy metal and pesticide toxin residue, so it has a very magical effect and is an important guarantee for food safety. In the past, tea seed cake was often abandoned in the fields or burned as firewood. It is really sad that such good resources are wasted in such a way. This phenomenon exists not only in Yueyang, but also in Hunan Province and even in the whole country it is a problem to be solved urgently. If there is a crisis, there will be business opportunities. Our company is to turn waste---tea seed cake into treasure, the recycling and comprehensive utilization of resources, which accurately solves the problem of resource utilization of 30,000 tons Tea seed cake in Yueyang every year.
EE、CHEMISKY & AGRISKY is group model enterprise,before creating AGRISKY, CHEMISKY has been through the way of cooperation, equity participation, holding for sodium metabisulphite、thiourea、ammonium sulphate、zinc sulphate、manganese sulphate、ferrous sulphate,sodium bicarbonate,ammonium chloride,etc., in the resource integration. For example, we have long-term cooperation with Sinopec as the agent of ammonium sulphate sales and a lot of customers request to change ammonium sulphate packing bag of 50 kg into 25 kg, and also request the screening and bag filling of ammonium sulfate particle size. Our enterprises have enough storage and stock for effective operation.
             このプロジェクトは総投資額は6100万元 、地積30エーカーで、10キロメートルの近くには「岳陽港のインターナショナル貨物ターミナル」があります。2013年には、雲渓区で「湖南淳湘農林科技有限会社」(有限会社アグリスキー)を登録し、有限会社ケミスキーと合併、製造と販売を統一した企業グループを形成しました。当社のアピールポイントは次のとおりです。



 AA、イノベーション指向。同社はカメリアミールの洗練された生産技術あります。2016年に2つの発明特許と1つの実用的な特許を取得しており、今はまた新たな特許を申請中です。2016年に当社のチームは、岳陽市から農業産業化先行企業と革新起業家精神チームの証書を授与されました。 2017年には、中国南部林業科技大学と研究協力協議を締結しました。


BB、対外貿易の輸出。私たちの工場からわずか10キロメートルの距離に "岳陽港のインターナショナル貨物ターミナル"があり、コンテナ輸出には便利です。カメリアミールの完成品(椿油粕ペレット,100%食用ツバキオイルなど)は、ベトナム、タイ、インドネシア、フィリピン、日本、オーストラリア、台湾などの国や地域に輸出されています。


CC、起業家主導型。 「会社+工場+農家」の運営モードは、周辺の農家を促進し、共に豊かにする。


 DD、資源のリサイクル型。私たちは、資源を総合的に利用するために、椿オイルを抽出した後、種子から残された廃棄物を利用し、 カメリアブライトに回します。



          Office Add.:  RM.1203,No.1 Building,Centre of City,No.235,WuYi Road, Changsha,Hunan,China.
          Factory Add.:      DaoRenJi District,Green Chemical Industrial Zone, YueYang City,Hunan,China.